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Employee engagement at the world’s most innovative organizations

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Lou Pardi

Strategy Director, Agency Marou

When it comes to innovation, we look to New Tech organizations to understand what it takes to be agile and successful. New Tech is also an industry with fierce competition for employees - so it pays to understand what really drives employee engagement. Our newly-released ebook, What New Tech employees need - Insights for driving engagement and retention draws on responses from thousands of New Tech employees in hundreds of organizations.

Key drivers of engagement

Leadership, learning and development, and company confidence top the list of key drivers for New Tech employees in 2017 and the report shares innovative approaches organizations have taken to improve in these areas. From synthesis sessions, to stay interviews and cross-company transparency reports, the ideas presented are food-for-thought for both HR professionals and managers.


The report also answers the following questions:

  • How engaged are New Tech employees overall?
  • What factors drive engagement at New Tech organizations?
  • What do organizations with the most highly-engaged employees do differently
  • How does engagement differ across companies of different sizes and locations
  • How do New Tech organizations' employee engagement scores compare to those of traditional technology organizations?
  • What initiatives are New Tech organizations putting into action in response to employee engagement insights?

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