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The rise of the People Geek

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People Geeks, People Geekup, People Geekly… at Culture Amp, we started using the term People Geek in 2012. It increasingly started cropping up in team conversations, appeared on our T-Shirts and started to resonate more with our community.

Today, it’s a concept that is integral to our company culture. It’s the cornerstone on which we build our community. And the more we use People Geek, the more it resonates, and the richer its definition becomes.

So, if you’ve heard the term at a recent event or seen it on a LinkedIn profile, here’s what it means to be a People Geek and how we’re building a community together.

What is a People Geek?

At Culture Amp, we work with many types of people, but the most common fall somewhere within these two groups:

  • People with a Human Resources background who work at dynamic, fast-growing companies.
  • People with technology backgrounds who work at growing tech companies - and are having to scale their teams and culture rapidly.

To solve the people and culture challenges that fast-growing organizations face, someone has to step in, and that person is a People Geek: someone who spends their day enabling people.

They could be part of People Operations, Recruitment, HR, or the CEO of a fast-growing startup. It’s not about the title, it’s about the spirit.

People Geeks at Culture Amp

That’s for the 'People' part. The 'Geek' points to an excitement about technology. All aspects of people operations increasingly rely on tech, and being a geek is all about the love of getting your hands dirty with data: through measurement, analytics, and statistics.

People Geeks are excited about the potential for data and insights to drive a better world of work.

How do People Geeks learn from each other?

As our CEO Didier Elzinga says, “Not all [People Geeks] are our customers (yet!) and that’s fine. It’s part of being a Culture First company: we’re focused on building this community of people with similar values and ideas.”

In-person events

This is why we run regular People Geekups around the country, where people can meet to share ideas within their local community and hear about the latest in people analytics and the future of work. From learning about diversity and inclusion, to employee engagement benchmark data-focused conversations, industry specific get-togethers, interviews with authors and more, there’s a Geekup event for everyone.

People Geek Trends | Culture Amp

Online content

We regularly feature stories from our People Geeks community on the Culture Amp blog, interviewing leaders in the field to share learnings and advice. The power of HR tools is compelling, but it always comes down to the people and the decisions they make.

Andrea Reyes | Culture Amp

In addition to in-person events and articles, People Geeks stay connected through the People Geeks slack community. Topics of conversation run from the specific (like advice on a new performance review plan) to the broad (articles people liked or sharing an open role). Another way to stay informed is through the People Geekly newsletter, which brings top people and culture stories straight to People Geeks each week.

A global conference just for People Geeks

In 2018 we held our biggest People Geek-centered event to date, the Culture First conference. At this event, People Geeks from around the world came to San Francisco for two days of hands-on experiential learning from some of the leading names in people and culture.

Culture First Opening | Culture Amp

Built-in to the Culture Amp platform

The Culture Amp platform, is powered by the collective intelligence of our community of People Geeks. Once you've completed an engagement survey through Culture Amp, you can see inspirations for action that other companies have implemented and found successful. These inspirations come from our community of over 40,000 People Geeks. 

The sources, data, and analytics available to HR and people leaders is rapidly expanding. Making the most of this new technology is essential. Yet the most important thing is keeping it grounded in what it’s all about - your people.

Are you a People Geek?

You may be a People Person who's diving into data, or you may be a Geek who’s main concern is now People. Being a People Geek means bringing those together, and Culture Amp can help you do just that.