The Rise of the People Geek


In 2012, we started using the term People Geek. It appeared on our T-Shirts and started cropping up in team conversations. Now, the more we use People Geek, the more it resonates with the team and it's come to sum up a lot about what we do.

We work a lot with two groups of people:

  1. People from a Human Resources background that are working in dynamic, fast-growing companies.
  2. People with technology backgrounds that are growing New Tech companies - and having to scale their teams and culture rapidly.

This is where People Geek steps in. For us a People Geek is someone who spends their day enabling people. This could be People Operations, Recruitment, Talent, or the CEO of a fast-growing startup.

That explains the 'People.' The 'Geek' comes in with technology. There is an increasing reliance on technology for all aspects of people operations. Being a geek is all about getting your hands dirty with data through measurement, analytics and statistics.

The power of the next generation of HR tools is compelling, but it's always about the People. You may have the most amazing analytics possible, but a startup CEO's top concern is still "finding and retaining the best talent". Technology can help make this happen, but it's the means. At the end of the day, those numbers are the people. The people that make the company what it is.

That’s why we love People Geek. You may be a People Person who's diving into data, or you may be a Geek who’s main concern is now People. People Geek means bringing those together.

The sources, data and analytics available in the traditional HR space is just exploding. Making the most of this is essential. All the while, the most important thing is keeping it grounded in what it’s all about. Your People.

Are you a People Geek?

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