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Every Tuesday we faithfully publish our newsletter, The People Geekly, to nearly 30,000 people geeks. Bronwen Clune, Director of PR & Comms, started the newsletter as a way to build better People Geeks, a Culture Amp brand promise. “We saw it as an important part of doing that and building up our community,” says Clune. Each issue contains five curated articles - some of it our own content, but always the most interesting and insightful stories from the past week.

It's a company effort to find the best articles for The People Geekly, and we use Slack to share stories for consideration. Of the 300+ channels in our company Slack team, one is dedicated to the newsletter. As people see articles that are aligned with our mission and have an interesting point, they post them to #newsletter. Come Friday afternoon, the newsletter is assembled from articles in that channel, Culture Amp content, and stories sent to us from People Geeks across the world. 

In the early days, a few members of the Marketing Team would all help summarize the chosen articles for the week. Now, as we grow and roles become more specialized, one person is dedicated to putting it together on a weekly basis. Content Marketing Manager Lexi Croswell is currently that person. "When I was working as an office manager at my previous job, I loved getting The People Geekly every week,” says Croswell. “Without scouring the internet all day, I’d get articles that I wanted to read about diversity and new data trends delivered to my sacred inbox (I’m an inbox zero freak). Reading these stories made me realize how important the role of People Operations team members is and inspired me to attend more events with people in roles like mine who wanted to do more. Now, as part of the Content and Marketing team at Culture Amp, I get to read and curate articles each week. It’s a big task when you know nearly 30,000 people will (hopefully) be seeing your work every week and they’re expecting to get something useful out of it. I love that we have so much involvement on finding and discussing articles internally, and the response from our community is always great, which makes me happy.”

In addition to the five stories, The People Geekly has news on upcoming events. We include a “Tweet of the Week” from someone with an inspirational, smart and original tweet. We always look out for #peoplegeeks on Twitter as well! 

Damon Klotz, Head of Community has this to say about the success of The People Geekly:

“The People Geekly was launched a few weeks before I joined Culture Amp and I was hooked straight away. I’ve been both a reader and consumer of HR and Talent related content for several years, so I knew there was an appetite in the global community for curated content. There is no shortage of media and content producers who are writing articles and reports that are of interest to the global people geek community. Knowing that there is a team of People Geeks who are curating all of this content and summarizing it every week has really resonated with our community. We receive several emails every week saying that The People Geekly provides timely and digestible content that practitioners are able to utilize during their working week and to be a better people geek.”

Clune adds, “I'd like to think it's been successful because we've managed to provide a great resource to the People Geek community we set out to serve. It's also something that everyone within Culture Amp can contribute to in finding great articles and sharing them internally, with the best ones making it into the Geekly. I'm proud of the way we all collaborate and contribute to it as a company - it's something we can all work on together, regardless of job title or expertise.”

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