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The next generation of performance reviews

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Kate Le Gallez

Writer, Culture Amp

Everyone’s talking about the revolution happening in performance management. A big part of this change is about ensuring people have the honest, actionable feedback they need to build self-awareness around their strengths, as well as the areas they need to improve. This new approach demands a new generation of performance reviews. We call it employee effectiveness.

Definition: Employee Effectiveness provides insight into how well managers, individual contributors and teams get the job done, individually and together, to meet performance expectations and contribute to individual, team and organizational goals.

Example: Asking for and receiving developmental feedback gives an individual insight into their effectiveness.

In our recently-released ebook The three Es: Making employee engagement, experience and effectiveness feedback work for your organization, we explore why employee effectiveness is important and how to get the most out of an effectiveness feedback program.

Why employee effectiveness is important

Constant learning is an important performance differentiator at all levels of an organization, for individual contributors, teams and leaders. Employee effectiveness empowers individuals and teams to take control of their own learning and development. It’s not about telling them what they need to do, but engaging them in the process through offering feedback and resources to guide their development.

More broadly, it helps organizations understand how things measure up on the frontline and make targeted decisions around support and improvements required to:

  • Develop managers to be more effective
  • Guide individual employees to discover opportunities for improvement
  • Increase the impact of learning and development activities through streamlining initiatives.

Getting the most out of an employee effectiveness program

Because employee effectiveness is all about providing actionable feedback, it needs to be targeted to the specific role requirements. As a starting point, we look at individuals, teams and managers.

  • Individual Effectiveness: Done well, these surveys can offer feedback to all individuals regardless of function or level. They aim to help the individual build awareness around what they’re doing well and where they need to improve to positively impact their own success as well as the success of their team and the organization.
  • Team Effectiveness: As organizations increasingly look to teams to drive performance, teams need to understand how they're doing as a collective, rather than a group of individuals. Team Effectiveness provides actionable feedback on the team behaviors linked to high performance to empower teams to drive change from within.
  • Manager Effectiveness: The essence of a good leader is inspiring and enabling the performance of others. Even the very best managers need to understand the ways they are supporting performance and how they can improve. Manager Effectiveness offers leaders this insight by gathering 180° feedback from their direct reports.

By focusing on learning and offering actionable feedback free from bias, an employee effectiveness program, teamed with support to take action, can change the way people feel about their development. It’s an important step towards creating a performance review culture that supports individuals’ and the organization’s future success.

To find out more about employee effectiveness as well as employee engagement and experience - together, the three Es - download our latest ebook.

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