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Series B and Beyond

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Culture Amp

The employee feedback platform

Today we're proud to announce our Series B raise with a US$10 million investment led by Index Ventures with Blackbird and Felicis Ventures making up the round. It's been quite a year, since raising our Series A, and we thought we'd take the time to reflect on everything we've achieved to date.

  • We've helped over 500 companies build better places to work, and they continue to listen, learn, act, repeat.
  • We've launched 5000+ surveys.
  • We've grown from 15 to over 60 Campers. And we're still hiring!
  • We’ve continued to invest in, iterate and strengthen our product.
  • We've gone from a HQ in Melbourne to a new office in SF, New York, and this month will be opening one in London.
  • We launched a new look - one we're super proud of.
  • We've launched The People Geekly, with over 30,000 subscribers
  • We've been learning how to keep our commitment to being a #culturefirst company as we grow.
  • We've grown our community of People Geeks.
  • We've held 30 Geekups around the world - from Sydney to Toronto - and plan on holding A LOT more.
  • We've built an Inclusion Survey for companies to start measuring their progress on this.
  • We've continued to increase the sophistication of people analytics we offer, while keeping it simple enough for all companies to use.


We've managed to do all of this because of our people, or CAmpers, as we are known to each other.

[Applause and team hugs.]

But without further ado, here are some ways we've helped companies become better places to work, which, is our proudest achievement of all. Over to you.

From James Law, HR Director at Envato:

"Culture Amp has allowed us to ask our teams how they are feeling about Envato, the people they work with and the work they do. This insight allows us to start a conversation to work out exactly what we need to do to improve. The tool is simple user friendly and looks great whilst the Culture Amp team are knowledgeable, supportive and adaptable. The data we get from our people using the Culture Amp tool is invaluable and helps us set our people strategy. It then allows us to track our progress and adjust our plans if we find that our team's needs change. We love our partnership with Culture Amp feel like they are as committed to people as we are."

From Maia Josebachvili, VP of People and Strategy at Greenhouse:

"We LOVE Culture Amp. It's been a great tool for us to hear from our people about what's important, what we're doing well, and where we can improve."

From Lori McLeese, HR Lead at Automattic:

"Our company creed starts with the phrase “I will never stop learning.” Culture Amp helps us learn more about our company. We’ve been using Culture Amp to conduct employee engagement surveys for the past two years. The data from the surveys has provided invaluable insight into areas that we need to work on. One of the insights that we’ve seen consistently over the past two years is that Automatticians want more feedback about their work. Based on that insight, we’ve created an in-house tool for individual Automatticians to request anonymous feedback from a group of peers, we’ve incorporated formal feedback discussions into team meetups, we’ve created peer-to-peer feedback and review processes, and many team leads are conducting “Leadback” sessions to gather anonymous feedback about their management skills."

Jennifer McKaig, Program Manager, Culture and Engagement at Etsy:

"Culture Amp has helped us surface actionable feedback while protecting respondents' anonymity through their thoughtfully-designed surveys and analytics. Their expertise, guidance, and technology have helped us understand what we’re doing well, where we can improve, and where our time and energy may be best spent."

Nicole Simona, Senior Organizational Capability Consultant at MYOB:

"We looked at several options and were just blown away by the Culture Amp tool. I think for me personally it was the focus that the tool had on the end user experience. Which was so different from what we had previously. It wasn't about an HR team making it, well I guess it is easy for an HR team, but it wasn't about the process or for an HR team. It was about the experience for the managers, the experience for the team members and completing it. I really like that approach. That is something that stood out for me and I just thought the tool was so current. We had looked at different tools and they just looked clunky and old. This was simple and easy to use. It was intuitive and the dashboards that the managers get were - the feedback has been so positive.

I guess when we saw it, it was almost like night and day to what we had had previously and now that we've rolled out one survey - the feedback has been just been amazing and we have been able to do it so much quicker because we had the data straight away. Everything feels current and relevant and also as a result it has changed our result to not measure engagement annually. We are now measuring it three times a year. Through working with Steven and finding out the recommendations and what Culture Amp recommends. I know you recommend four times a year, but we we’ll slowly get there. We're starting off by going from annually to three times a year, which is a big shift for us."



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