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Retail and Hospitality Benchmark Report 2016 Infographic

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In Culture Amp's 2016 Retail and Hospitality benchmark report, we saw overall engagement at about the same level as other industries. Data was gathered from national and international companies with a large portion of employees directly serving customers. 

There is much discussion about the importance and impact of salary, benefits and bonuses being an important part of employee engagement at work. However, we don't often see reward as a key driver. In the Retail and Hospitality benchmark, reward came up as a key factor impacting an employee's intent to stay for the first time. 

We also saw that reward, leave and the physical workplace were the three most commented on questions. Looking at a specific compensation question, we created a word cloud based on the favorable and unfavorable comments. Rates, hour and wage were mentioned most often in the unfavorable comments while believe, money and fair were mentioned most often in the favorable comments. 

The Retail & Hospitality benchmark gives unique insights into a workforce with a blend of full time, part-time and casual employees. 

Retail and Hospitality benchmark 2016

For more insight into the Retail and Hospitality benchmark industry in 2016, download the full report. 

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