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Premier Andrews makes it official - our global HQ is open

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Lou Pardi

Strategy Director, Agency Marou

We were thrilled recently to welcome Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews to open Culture Amp HQ. Our CEO Didier Elzinga opened proceedings by casting back to five years ago, and the birth of the company, just a short hop over the Yarra River, in a coworking space in Cremorne. “I’m not sure at that point we really had any view of what it could become and that five years later, I’d be standing here to announce the opening of our global headquarters here in Melbourne,” he said.

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Our headquarters represent us

He continued by drawing attention to the office fit out. “If you've had a chance to look around, one thing you might think is, ‘Is that all there is? Really?’ It's actually a nice space, but there's not lots of flashing lights, and there's not lots of things to see,” he said. “That's actually by design, and it's important for a couple of reasons.”

First, he explained that the new Culture Amp offices reflect the future of the new economy - one that’s powered by the creativity of the mind rather than what we build with our hands. Secondly, the office allows us to build the kind of organization we want to be. “Culture Amp is a platform that makes it easy to collect, understand, and most importantly, act on employee feedback. And if you've been following the press, and particularly the tech industry, there’s been some pretty bad stuff being talked about in the last couple of weeks,” he said. “We're hearing about behavior that just should not be occurring in this day and age."

“It's not enough just to win. We actually have to build companies the right way. And our software is at the heart of that now for thousands of companies around the world who are focused on building a culture-first company. So when you look around here, hopefully what you see is a commitment not just to building a great company, not just to building a global headquarters, not just to trying to win, but also a commitment to building a culture-first company.”

Finally, Elzinga expressed his gratitude to the Government for nurturing and encouraging companies like Culture Amp to build and headquarter their organizations in Melbourne.

A culture that welcomes and supports creativity

Premier Andrews expressed his government’s pride that we chose Melbourne to establish our global headquarters. “We [Victoria] have a culture of innovation, creative thinking, a questioning culture,” Premier Andrews said. “We value learning and knowledge, and we value the process of that critical thought.”

This culture comes into its own when combined with the risk-taking, innovative nature of entrepreneurs, and Premier Andrews said he looked forward to seeing Culture Amp realize its potential within this culture. “The fact that we could be central to making that happen, well that validates for us our approach to getting things done, to being a little unconventional from time-to-time, that's what the new economy is all about,” the Premier said.

Premier Andrews concluded his speech by mentioning one of our very own CAmpers, Keira Hodgkison. He credited Keira with eloquently summing up what this part of the economy is all about: originality, imagination and the possibility of creating something from nothing.

We couldn’t agree more. And with that, we’re excited to finally, officially celebrate the opening of Culture Amp HQ.

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