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Placing people back at the heart of your organization

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Eloi Lesegretain

Account Executive, Culture Amp

Culture Amp's Geekup in 2017 brought more than 85 People Geeks together to discuss the trends emerging from Culture Amp’s Media & Creative Industries Benchmark. Guest panelists Laura Towers, HR Manager at Time Out Group, Gillian Ward, Senior HR Manager at RMP Ltd, and Kevin McDougall, Director at WorkCrunch shared firsthand stories from working in the media and creative industry.

Chloe Hamman, one of Culture Amp’s data and insights strategists, presented the Media & Creative industries report and compared it to the New Tech benchmark report. As she says, “These are your talent competitors (if not already, then in the future). Therefore, knowing how your industry compares to leaders in New Tech can help understand where your company is positioned against some of your newest and boldest competitors for talent."

Data-driven HR for management

Following Hamman’s presentation, each panel member shared their thoughts on the evolving field of Human Resources. As Gillian claimed, “HR is the same everywhere but the context is different [at each company] with the needs and expectations changing with every generation.” In response to such changes, we are seeing more and more companies trying to do things differently by putting culture back at the heart of what they do.

This evolution has led HR to become increasingly important for top management, and has paved the way for data-driven HR tools to emerge. “Gathering data and the use of surveying solutions are becoming more frequent. They give tangible results for the leadership to analyze, even if it isn’t rocket science for them,” says Gillian.

Spend big to keep employees happy

Kevin, Director at WorkCrunch says, “It doesn’t matter how well your company is doing, your employees will still want to leave.” In today’s world, the competition for top talent is at its fiercest.  We are surrounded by technology and it has become easier for your competitors to poach your best talent. Kevin believes that it should go without saying that every company should “spend considerable time and money to understand their employees’ needs and desires.” However, he admitted that despite understanding the importance of engaged employees, many organisations remained reluctant to attribute the right budget for significant changes to take place.

Listen to your employees and take action

Laura from the Time Out Group agreed that when faced with budget cuts, companies had to be creative and proactive in their approach to increase employee engagement. She spoke about several initiatives that she implemented to make sure people were happy to come to work; a great social scene, nights out together, job design, shadowing of mentors, workshops for personal development and more. However, most importantly, she stressed that it was up to HR managers to ensure that employee feedback is collected. And, in cases when it is – like at Time Out through the use of Culture Amp’s platform – that considerable action is taken on it. At Culture Amp, we advise that companies only gather employee feedback as often as they can take action on it. To wrap up her presentation, Laure thanked Culture Amp for granting everyone at Time Out with a half-day off work by virtue of their 90% + participation rate in their latest engagement survey!

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