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Working with clients on engagement and culture projects we often hear stories about employees leaving organisations and the postulated reasons for this. When we ask how this information is captured it often turns out that there is a messy folder full of Word documents and spreadsheets named 'Exit Interviews'. The reporting was non-existent, at best HR managers poured over the existing documents and email trails to enter into another spreadsheet.

Organisations differ in the exit feedback process they use, but they are united in lacking a way to link quantitative and qualitative data together. Even those who were using technology solution often indicated that the most important information was not readily available in a user-friendly format.

One example is the turnover figure. Turnover is often calculated by dividing the number of employees leaving by the average number of employees in the organisation for the year. This simple turnover metric may be interesting, but what organisations really want are more specific figures such as their "regrettable" turnover - the number of people who you'd rather not have left. If you have 20% turnover overall and 19% regrettable turnover you have a real talent retention problem; if you have 20% overall turnover and 2% regrettable turnover perhaps you have a hiring problem.

We've always aimed for Murmur to provide an employee lifecycle view and we see a great opportunity to better manage the exit process and get improved metrics and insights at the same time. Our new Murmur Exit platform allows users to do just that. We've been running this with some clients and the results look great so far.

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