Julie Rogers and Dara Blumenthal talk People Ops

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Live Grey's Head of Culture and Strategy, Dara Blumenthal, PhD, sits down with Culture Amp's VP of People and Experience, Julie Rogers to talk all things People Ops: from how the function is evolving to what the world is in need of. Here are some highlights of their conversation.

Julie: When I started in HR, it was very much pivoting out of personnel. 

Personnel was very a very black and white space to be in, so it was hiring, firing, benefits, paperwork. I definitely feel like there was this, there was a change that happened, where there would start to be an expectation that we would practice in the space that was still being developed. That was the gray space.

The gray space being, how do we engage our people? How do we keep people leaning in? How do we keep people from leaving voluntarily, especially our best people?

Dara: So, you introduced this statement and then you said, "Oh, it's a horrible thing." Which is, this idea of people as asset.

Julie: I think that ownership is actually a misguided approach to how companies approach people. People are not owned. In fact, there's a responsibility on both sides, to engage each other. I think employees are actually really responsible for leaning into the business and for exploring, for trying to build themselves within the company. But, I also think it's a company's responsibility to provide these environments and these spaces for people to be amazing.

Dara: What does the world need? Like, what are we in desperate need of right now?

Julie: Gosh. Empathy. Really, right now, at this point in time, just empathy. I'd say having that turn into curiosity without judgment, is a really important part of it, too. I believe in human goodness. I believe it's there. I think there's a lot of fear, and a lot of misguided beliefs, but I do believe that the empathy and the ability to see the humans, instead of seeing categories, is actually a really important part of it.

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