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Eight things worth celebrating in 2016, and three big ideas coming soon for Culture Amp

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Peter Haasz

VP of Corporate Development, Culture Amp

As 2016 draws to a close, we thought it a great time to reflect on some great things we’ve achieved this year in partnership with our customers, and to sneak a peek at some exciting stuff we have in the works for 2017.

Looking back: Eight things worth celebrating

1. We all became feedback fanatics!

This year at Culture Amp, we were proud to deliver employee feedback and analytics programs in partnership with over 25,000 people geeks who used our platform worldwide.


Out of 768 organizations who used Culture Amp during the year, 758 got a handle on Engagement (including diagnostics, deep dives and pulses) while 370 joined the dots on the employee journey — from onboard to exit and beyond — with an Experience survey program. 128 organizations dived into the new Effectiveness module to provide future-focused development feedback for individuals and managers.

Notably, 73 very special organizations achieved the magic (and, until now, mythical) hat trick: Engagement, Experience and Effectiveness feedback all running in parallel for a continuous three-dimensional view of what drives employee success.

2. We achieved some incredible results together

Of course, success is about outcomes, not just activity. The numbers that matter most are the ones we see in our survey results, and the flow-on effects on business metrics. These drive our success in shaping conversations, facilitating better decisions, and moving the needle for the organization. On all of these measures, 2016 has been a simply astonishing year.

Some highlights from the year include:

Browse our growing list of Case Studies to learn more about innovative ways that organizations of all shapes and sizes are using the Culture Amp platform to make a difference.

3. We built a 24-hour business

To support our rapidly expanding — and increasingly active — customer base, we supplemented our established Melbourne and San Francisco bases with new offices in New York and London, thereby becoming a global “always-on” organization.

What that means for you is that every day, at any time, Culture Amp teams are actively helping customers to design and grow employee feedback programs and working hard to make the product better in response to your valued feedback.

4. We took the idea of accessible insights to the next level

When you told us you wanted it to be even easier for people throughout your organization to get to the heart of what matters, we responded by redesigning our reporting from the ground up.

Our goal was to make it easy to share results far and wide, all within the Culture Amp platform, and be confident that everyone — from the CEO to the newest intern — can understand and act on the results. 


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5. We started helping individuals learn faster through feedback

Guided by challenges you shared about the lack of effective learning and development solutions on the market, this year we released an Employee Effectiveness module that draws on the latest research in organizational psychology and data science to help individuals, managers and teams to benefit from honest, timely 360° feedback.

Informed by our Effectiveness Methodology, our new feedback tool separates goal-setting from performance evaluation. This separation eliminates well-known cognitive biases and anxieties for people giving and receiving feedback. We’ve replaced top-down performance management with a tool to help individuals, empowering employees to take complete ownership of their own learning journey.


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6. We made new friends

With people and data spread across so many different systems, you told us it can be difficult to keep everything in sync, to reach employees in the places they do their jobs, and to form a complete picture of what is important. Since then, we’ve doubled down on integrations, and this year announced:

Our upcoming API will allow your favourite HRIS providers to synchronize seamlessly with the platform, in addition to leading Applicant Tracking Systems such as Greenhouse and Lever, and major Talent Management Suites.

7. We put more power into the hands of People Geeks

We’re always here to help, but you told us you wanted more direct control over the design and configuration of your feedback program from within the platform. So we focused a team on it, and they put a veritable cornucopia of new powers into your hands, including control over:

As always, more to come next year!

8. We embraced the big end of town

This year organizations with tens of thousands of employees — including many in the Fortune 500 — took notice of us.

Serving their needs required us to scale up the platform to perform real-time feedback collection and number crunching for much larger data sets. We also added new functionality to manage the complexity that emerges when organizations grow beyond a certain size.

With this investment, we can confidently continue to support all of our customers with a best-of-breed solution, no matter how quickly or large you grow!


Looking forward: Three big ideas that excite us for the future

1. Collaborative Action

When managers review survey results, they need to know where to focus and what actions to take — and being busy, they usually don’t have time to work from first principles. But! While it's easy to be tempted by the simplicity of “one size fits all” action checklists, we know they don't yield lasting results.

Culture Amp’s new Collaborative Action framework will empower managers and teams to act effectively and with confidence on the biggest opportunities for impact while reducing the time required to learn new processes. By helping managers to help themselves, we release People & Culture teams from chasing up checklists so you can focus on adding value.

  • the Focus Agent, which uses sophisticated algorithms to identify the most promising opportunities for impact, using plain language to guide managers towards a focus area; 
  • the Inspiration Engine that harnesses the collective experience of our customer community to suggest proven, context-sensitive actions that managers and teams can adopt or adapt to their needs with confidence; and
  • the Collaboration Board, built to encourage transparency and ownership within and across teams for rapid and effective action at scale, with minimal time investment.

Stay tuned for further announcements in Q1.

2. Introducing your new best friend, ELF

We all know that some of the richest insights — and the stories that sit behind the numbers — lie in survey comments. But the task of distilling themes, understanding sentiment, surfacing examples and giving people confidence their voice has been heard — in all corners of the organization — can be overwhelming.

Stay tuned to meet ELF in Q1, 2017!

3. Making feedback part of how you work

How do you align the cadence of employee feedback with the cadence of planning, communication and action in your organization? How do you ensure the right people have the right information at the right time? And how do you weave different types of feedback together into a coherent picture that helps you to make decisions and chart a future course?

In the new year we are excited to deliver a program of platform updates, tools and educational resources to make it easier than ever before to design, build, operate and track holistic feedback programs that serve each organization’s unique needs.


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The first deliverables in Q1 will be a new interface for designing and managing your overall survey program, complemented by a series of comprehensive people geek's guides for collecting, understanding and acting on feedback.


We couldn’t have done this without you.

Thank you for your support this year, and for your continued partnership next year and beyond. We are excited by everything we’ve achieved, but this is really only the beginning.

To learn more about any of the items above or schedule a Culture Amp demo, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our people geeks, or for existing Culture Amp customers, your local Customer Success Coach.

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