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How we support personal quests at Culture Amp

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Alexis Croswell

Senior Content Marketing Manager, Culture Amp

In March 2015, our current Head of Finance, Damien Williams, was talking with Culture Amp CEO Didier Elzinga about what the position would entail. "He asked me what my next role after Culture Amp would look like if I joined, and how Culture Amp would help me get there,” says Williams. 

This is when Williams told Elzinga about DRVR, a fleet analytics startup he had formed. He says, “My co-founders were leaving Melbourne to establish our Asia-focused business from Bangkok. We had agreed that I would stay behind and look to work in a similar startup environment, somewhere that I could learn and bring back that knowledge to DRVR to help us thrive in the future.” Culture Amp has been a learning ground for Williams for the past three years, and he shares how this has influenced his career.

Supporting personal quests and internal success

Williams has been supported on his personal quest not just by our CEO, but also his mentor (manager) and team. Williams says, “My trip to Helsinki for an accelerator program came up quickly, and my team’s support made it possible for me to be part of this great opportunity. I generally take a week off two or three times a year to spend time with the DRVR team, so as we grow, it’s even more important that my team knows about my personal quest.”

DRVR won a spot in the Helsinki accelerator program, and recently reached a milestone of 1,000 active monthly subscriptions (vehicles on their service). “The accelerator was an intense but rewarding experience, where I developed and delivered four pitches. I owe thanks to Didier for his support and mentorship again, as he gave me a quick coaching session about pitching before the event,” says Williams.

It’s a win-win situation

Williams shares his view on working at Culture Amp over the past few years. He says, “Culture Amp is an enormous support as I pursue my own business goals, and our relationship is greater than work in exchange for salary. I receive exposure and personal growth opportunities to develop my finance expertise, which elevates the stakes to a level higher than an employee-employer transaction.”

We hope that for many, Culture Amp is their dream job. However, we know that’s quite aspirational, so if we can’t always be the big dream, we aim to be a stepping stone to it. William’s isn’t the only CAmper who has their sights set on startup success. Jo Cranford, Director of Engineering, is looking at a CTO role down the line. Like Williams, she’s learning skills at Culture Amp that will help her get to that goal.  

We’ve recently formalized support of people’s development journey, what we call personal quests. This is in addition to our coaching for everyone program and learn yourself up budget that we’ve had in place since early 2016. It’s a win-win situation, Culture Amp gets the best people and both CAmpers and Culture Amp get the best out of each other.

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