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Engagement at media organizations

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Lou Pardi

Strategy Director, Agency Marou

The Culture Amp Employee Engagement report reveals the key drivers of employee engagement at media organizations and creative agencies.

Learning and Development, Leadership and Impact and Honesty are the key drivers which impact employee productivity, retention, and pride in their organization.


10 key drivers from the Media Companies and Creative Agencies Employee Engagement Report 2016 10 key drivers from the Media Companies and Creative Agencies Employee Engagement Report 2016


Learning and Development

Learning and Development opportunities are flagged as vital in engaging people in every industry we work with. Importantly, although one of the questions refers to career opportunities within the company (key driver 1), the other two indicators (5 and 7) don’t necessarily simply involve promotion. Providing an environment where people can develop their skills and managing expectations of job scopes can help increase employee engagement in these areas.


Whilst it’s often reported in media that an employee’s direct manager has significant impact on their job satisfaction, our analysis consistently reflects that other drivers have more influence. How high-level leaders perform - in shaping and guiding a company’s vision and mission - is often more important than the performance of the leaders people report to. Employees want leaders they trust and have confidence in (2) and who can provide a vision that people believe in and are motivated by (4). However, in doing these things leaders must also make sure people understand their importance and role in the organization achieving success (6).

Impact and Honesty

The three Impact and Honesty questions which feature strongly in the data illustrate that satisfying the needs of employees to feel that they are having an impact (3 and 9) and being communicated with honestly (10) are likely to be a top priority for people and companies going forward. It’s worth considering whether people within Media Companies and Creative Agencies are as aware of company growth goals as those within New Technology companies, where 100+% revenue and employee count growth annually is common. In both industries, these factors are key drivers of engagement. The most significant gap is that New Technology employees are more likely than Digital Media employees to believe their company allows them to make a positive difference.

Find out more in our Media Companies and Creative Agencies Employee Engagement Report 2016.

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