#CultureFirst: Liliana Kellett


The #CultureFirst series is a chance to showcase the team here at Culture Amp. We asked everyone some questions which will give you an opportunity to get to know each of us a bit better.

Liliana Kellett

Liliana has over 10 years of international experience in the technology space ranging from the US, Argentina, Brazil, Central America and Australia. Having competed in the Beijing Olympics for Argentina in 2008, she is a driven and passionate individual about any task at hand. Being an entrepreneur at heart, she created a business gifts company in Argentina, managed a family-owned luxury boutique hotel in the jungles of Costa Rica, directed business development in the fast-paced mobile market in New York and then in Sydney. She joined the team at LinkedIn entering the world of social media and HR, later forming part of the President's Club at ADP bringing payroll solutions to business in the West Australian market. Her most recent endeavor with Culture Amp is with a growing team helping companies gain insight into employee engagement through data and insights. In her spare time she loves to swim, salsa dance and ski! 

Culture Amp: What can you do as a CAmper (Culture Amp team member) that you haven’t been able to do elsewhere? 

Liliana Kellett: I feel like I’m making a difference in our approach as a team. Previously I’ve been in individual sales roles with well established processes. Here we are open to new ideas and ways of doing things. It makes it easy to improve.

CA: Best day you’ve ever had at work?

LK: This is from a previous role. A colleague in sales, because of my swimming history, was constantly hitting me up for a race saying he could beat me at a 50 meter freestyle race. This went on for a while and eventually his manager setup a surprise race. He reserved two lanes in the Sydney 50 meter pool and set up a presenter from the radio, video cameras and most of the office came to cheer.  So me and this guy Damien swam the 50 meters and… I beat him [Liliana later confirmed that she beat him by two body lengths!].

The best part was just that everyone came together to watch. It was also shared across the whole company – all 5,000 employees. Oh yeah and I got a silver trophy that said Sydney Summer Olympics.  Definitely a day out of the ordinary.

CA:What do you geek out about outside from work?

LK: Salsa dancing. My dream is to do a show one day, but the closest I’ve come is at my wedding. I’m about to have a baby so these days my twirls aren’t quite as finessed.

CA: You pick a magazine up to read – what is it?

LK: Most likely cooking recipes.

CA: What is something about you not many people know?

LK: I used to live in the jungle in Costa Rica managing a boutique hotel. It was in the middle of nowhere, like right amongst the Congo monkeys.

CA: What’s on your playlist this week?

LK: This morning I was listening to Louis Armstrong, Summertime. I love oldies music like Frank Sinatra. I grew up with that in Argentina. My Dad is an amazing pianist and he would always play songs from the 20s and 30s and we’d sing along. "Summertime" is my parents’ song – my Dad’ll play it and Mom will sing along.

CA: Where would you go on an all expense paid trip tomorrow?

LK: Iceland. I really want to see the northern lights.

CA: What does workplace culture mean to you?

LK: I think it’s a place where you enjoy spending time even when you’re not working. Enjoying the people you work with and creating a joyous and productive environment.

CA: Do you have any startup / culture idols?

LK: LinkedIn and of course Reid Hoffman.

CA: What was the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

LK: From my grandmother. In Spanish it’s Dime con quien andas y yo te dire quien eres which roughly means the people you hang out with reflect who you are, so choose wisely.

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