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Culture Amp and Paradigm partner to create Inclusion Survey

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Culture Amp and Paradigm are excited to announce that we are partnering to design an employee survey for companies that are actively working to build more diverse and inclusive organizations. At Culture Amp, we measure employee engagement, through our analytics platform, to build better places to work. At Paradigm, our focus is on developing targeted strategies to help our clients build more diverse and inclusive organizations. To do this effectively, we need to understand not only things like how candidates are faring at various stages of the hiring process, or the rates at which employees from underrepresented backgrounds are being promoted, but also the employee experience - how people from all backgrounds feel about their workplace. Paradigm and Culture Amp have brought our expertise together to answer that question.

Many companies that are working to build more diverse workforces make the mistake of focusing narrowly on recruiting - on adding larger numbers of employees from underrepresented backgrounds to the organization. But unless these companies spend equal time building a culture where people from all backgrounds can feel like they belong, their efforts are unlikely to be successful. When a company culture fails to include everyone, employees from particular backgrounds are unlikely to advance at the same rates and more likely to leave - patterns which will ultimately make it much harder to hire employees from underrepresented backgrounds in the future.

With survey data, we can better understand the experiences of employees across the organization. We can identify whether particular groups feel that decisions are unfair, or that their voices aren’t heard. We can learn whether they believe that people like them belong in their organization and have an equal opportunity to succeed. We can identify whether particular groups feel less respected, or place less trust in their leaders.

This survey was developed by data analysts from Culture Amp and social scientists at Paradigm, with input from industry leaders. Our goal is to get a clear picture of what’s going on in the industry and share insights broadly. While this is just one of many tools that can help us identify and address barriers to diversity and inclusion, we are excited about its potential to help the tech community learn and grow.

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