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Celebrating 100 Issues of The People Geekly

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Alexis Croswell

Senior Content Marketing Manager, Culture Amp

In honor of the 100th issue of The People Geekly, Culture Amp's weekly newsletter for people geeks, we asked readers to submit their favorite articles and tell us why they look forward to the People Geekly each week.

The People Geekly includes a curated list of stories about diversity and inclusion, company culture, learning and development, and leadership. In our past 99 issues, we've shared over 200 articles with our community.

If you find (or write) an article that you think other people geeks would enjoy, send it to us and we’ll add it to our list for consideration.

Enjoy this selection of our reader's favorite articles!


Reader-Submitted Favorite Articles

Kristin O.
People Geekly 88, the Returnship. I love how this builds diversity in the workplace, but also taps into a talent pool of highly-skilled people who may otherwise not be reached. It's an innovative approach to both problems.

Andy G.
A lot of 'stuff' lands in my inbox every week. A lot of that 'stuff' doesn't get looked at for a few days, but you can be sure that when the People Geekly arrives the first thing I do is read it, open up the articles and let them live in my browser. (I have blocked off an hour each day for reading). The stories that I found most impactful are too many to count. But my top three in order of making me go 'heck yeah', making me laugh and making me question my assumptions would be:

  1. Making me go 'heck yeah': (Issue 97) Should you help employees to quit. This is a no brainer and some of the concepts touched on should be business gospel. "The program also encourages managers to think more like career coaches than micromanagers preoccupied by short-term needs." Bazinga!!
  2. Making me laugh: (Issue 75) The future of work in fun charts. So true and so amusing. "The size of Middle Management will swell as the number of people who aren’t that important flood the workforce."
  3. Making me question my assumptions: (Issue 97) Understanding Constructive Non-Conformity. "[Standard Practices] can also get us stuck, decrease our engagement, and constrain our ability to innovate or to perform at a high level."

Corina H.
One of my favourite articles was one called Taller than the Trees. It summarised a short documentary made in Japan about modern work/life balance pressures. I loved the article because it is a universal subject that connects us all. It is an interesting look at an aging population, being a main caregiver and balancing your work pressures. It was good to see that the story came from a male perspective of being the main caregiver, which over time I hope to see more of - both genders sharing care-giving responsibilities. I shared this article on LinkedIn and across our team, it threw up some interesting discussions and that is what I love the most about the People Geekly - it gets people talking and stimulates debates on core topics facing most organisations.

Laura M.
I love the People Geekly! I look forward to this email arriving in my inbox every week. The emails that you send out are very similar to your Culture Amp events - very informative and yet exciting and cutting edge (I can feel the enthusiasm!) One of my favorite articles was about the GIFs created by Lever as part of the on-boarding process for new employees. I loved that the whole company was involved and excited, and that they were able to transfer that excitement to the new employee. We can all find articles related to HR and changes in legislation etc - but the People Geekly brings not only the information - but the excitement that is behind being a #peoplegeek. I can only hope that the energy/enthusiasm spreads throughout the HR world to generate more excitement around HR. Thanks again!

Schinria I. + The People Analytics Team @ Uber
The People Analytics team here at Uber is a huge fan of Culture Amp’s People Geekly and other cool resources we’ve stumbled upon in the Culture Zine. One of our favorite articles this year, Do You Have to Love What You Do? was featured in Issue #55 on January 19th, 2016.

In the article, Jason Fried of Basecamp wrote about the concept of “loving” one’s work. This article eloquently verbalized something that really resonated with our team - that is, the link between motivation at work and the intrinsic desire to achieve a specific outcome. In our case, that outcome is to build a better, more efficient world. It’s the thread that runs through our diverse and global team, and regardless of our specific roles, it is our focus on the end-game that motivates us as individuals and as a team.

At Uber, a large chunk of us come from fields and backgrounds that couldn’t squarely prepare us for the day-to-day work we do because the transportation network sector of the tech industry hasn’t been around for very long. That being said, not many of us can say we came to Uber to practice our expertise in our specific “job descriptions.” A lot of our jobs simply did not exist before, so fundamentally there was something else that brought us here. Jason’s article does a great job of reminding us of what one of those reasons is.

Our team’s passion for our mission - of building a world where cities and people’s lives are improved, a world where transportation is as reliable as running water for everyone, everywhere - that is what gets us super pumped about our work.

Thanks for the article, Jason, and thanks for sharing it with us through the People Geekly, Culture Amp!


Sharing the People Geekly love

Jared M.
People Geekly is such a diverse, fun and informative way to look at what others are doing and consider how these ideas could benefit myself and my workplace. In part or in full, or with my own twist on these ideas I too can create a People Geekly following. My staff look forward to the stories and developing a new understanding of how new ideas or re-hashed old ones are paying real dividends in a Culture of learning, self awareness and self development.

Ashley T.
I always make sure to read my weekly People Geekly because I know I'm going to learn something or experience an insight that will make me more valuable to my company and to the managers and employees that I support. There are so many ways to apply the information that my head is usually spinning, and I love it! Guess that means I'm a true people geek!

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