What is Driver Analysis for Employee Survey Results?

A driver analysis is a process that takes your employee survey results to the next level. What we find often is that the first thing organizations do when they get their survey results back is focus on the specifics of the results–on a question by question basis. Data driven organizations immediately want to know how they scored on this or that. While we understand why companies do this, we also know it's not going to help you truly understand what's driving engagement.

If you're looking to resolve a very specific issue, then looking at the results of each question can be very meaningful in terms of coming up with a solution. However, if you're trying to get at the core of employee engagement, it's not that simple. You need to see the big picture, and understand how things are connected and what are the core drivers of engagement for your people.

A driver analysis is an analysis of all the questions and answers in your survey, and their correlations to the likelihood that an employee will be engaged or disengaged. These drivers are unique to every organization and are heavily skewed by the innate culture that exists within an organization–the core values, the brand, and how people work together. Your driver analysis then, is where you gain the real intelligence about your people, and their levels of engagement.

Why is an employee survey driver analysis so important?

Short answer: So you focus on improving the right things.

To give an example, we worked with a non-profit that first analyzed their results on a question by question basis. What they found was that they were scoring low when it came to the "work/life" balance questions. Before looking at the bigger picture, or considering the driver analysis, they immediately started changing the rules that affect work/life balance; you could bring your dog to work, leave when you wanted with no questions asked, etc. But interestingly, when they surveyed their staff again, after all these new initiatives, their engagement score had not increased.

In today's overly stimulated world, everyone is working relentlessly to achieve a better work life balance, but this can be found everywhere. As this was a non-profit, what really mattered to their employees in terms of engagement was actually if they felt connected to the mission of the organization, if that mission was being lived up to, and if they felt that they were making a difference in the world. Ultimately, improving how connected employees were to those things increased engagement, not bringing their dogs to work.

A driver analysis is where we see true intelligence coming out of the data. It's what really gives you the deep insights into what to focus on and what to think about. With everything moving at light speed these days, we don't have time to waste on things that are not going to be effective, we need to focus on chipping away at those that really matter.

Our CEO is writing a series on the "CEO's Perspective of the top 5 Drivers" let us know what you think?

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