What 3 Questions would you ask every employee?

If you could ask 3 questions of all your employees, what would they be?

Generally in Culture Amp we used a structured survey. Our eNPS-style survey can be quite short, but our structured engagement survey comes in 15, 25 and 50 question variants.

Some customers will use these as-is, but many will customize to some extent. This can often be one of the first major insights for companies (before they've even collected any data!).

The major reason for this is that the questions are a mirror to the culture of your company. They articulate your target culture and values. For many organizations this is nascent. It has never been written down. Even when it has, it becomes a puzzle on translating this into something tangible and measurable (as you must). Sure, “Integrity” may be a core principle, but how does that translate into the day to day decisions, actions and culture of your organization?

So, to get back to the tag line of this post - if you could ask 3 questions of all your employees, what would they be? And why? If you got the answers, what would you do about it?

If you’re a CEO or in a leadership position this is a great question to (independently) ask your team what they think these questions are. It’s also a great one for HR and managers to ask amongst their peers.

Just working out the questions is revealing in itself.

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