The Power of Small Data for People Operations

Cloud-based software is enabling companies of all sizes all over the world to use data driven approaches to their own unique businesses. Sure, the applications they can use may use a central database system and a common platform, but the data generated is Small Data - decentralized and unique to the particular organization or even individual teams that generate it. The same is true for People Intelligence data.

With Culture Amp we often find the most powerful thing is Small Data. Cloud based applications like Culture Amp allow multiple users to access their own data - which means we can provide every manager and potentially every employee in an organization with access to people based data. This is generating a shift because managers and small teams now have direct access to their metrics in the same way they have access to a Facebook page.

We are seeing smaller departments within larger organizations taking ownership of their own people metrics. The emphasis is on smaller groups gathering data over smaller time scales. These are typically departments that are frustrated receiving people data annually as part of global employee surveys. With easy to access cloud based measurement these groups can collect, report and distribute their own data quarterly to track local change and progress around employee engagement.

We are also seeing small teams and organizations measuring not only employee engagement but gathering intelligence on code development processes, intranet implementations, strategy rollouts, candidate experiences and manager effectiveness. These are powerful new uses of Small Data.

Small data groups are growing with an emphasis on the power of personalization and rich content. Small data can have big effects on your organizational culture too.

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