Survey Methodology Part 4 - Second Trend

In the previous weeks we described our Survey Methodology, broken into four surveys over each quarter. We've already covered:

In Q4 we return to the Trend survey. It is possible to completely re-use your Q2 Trend Survey. However, by now you have dug into what makes your culture tick so you're most likely going to want to tweak your Trend Survey in line with your increased understanding.

Q4 - Second Trend

The most basic form of the Q4 Trend Survey is a repeat of your Q2 Trend Survey. We don't recommend a wholesale change to your trend survey - you should still track the engagement questions and drivers from previous surveys, but you may want to introduce some key concepts you've learnt throughout the year.

In particular, you may want to tweak your questions based on the results of the Q3 Domain Diagnostic. One or two questions may be used to track initiatives resulting from this diagnostic and give some quick feedback on the impact they are having.

In addition, this is a good time to prepare for your next baseline survey. In particular, you could consider an action measure - For example, "Have you seen positive change from previous surveys?" or "What is one other question should we be asking?".

That said, it's important to keep to the intent of the trend survey. It should be a short, tracking survey. If in doubt, it's best to err towards a simpler survey and leave out anything that adds complexity.

Once you're done with the trend survey, you've now completed four surveys over the course of a year. Not only have you gathered sophisticated understanding of your organization, but you've taken action, measured the results and drilled into key cultural concerns.

This is a huge departure from the traditional annual survey that takes months to cascade to your employees and a year to get real data on if things are headed in the right direction. In my final blog on this topic, I'll put all this together and give an overview of how and why this all works.

You can read more about trend surveys on the Academy.

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