Culture Amp launches Employee Effectiveness

Giving and receiving feedback is a difficult thing to do, so we sat down and looked at how we might make that a better experience for everyone. Today is a big day for us at Culture Amp with the launch of a new product to do 360 reviews, called Employee Effectiveness.

Employee Effectiveness collects feedback from direct reports, co-workers and managers to help individuals, teams and managers clearly identify areas for improvement.

From the start we wanted to decouple the idea of reviews from pay and performance, and instead make the objective of our approach about learning and development. We did this for a couple of reasons - the first being that as soon as you tie reviews to outcomes like money and promotions, people are less likely to be honest and constructive. The second reason is that learning and development has consistently shown to be a key driver of employee engagement according to data we've collected over the years. While this is a completely new product for us, it is still an integral part of overall engagement. (i.e. increasing opportunities for learning and development at an individual level will have a positive outcome on your company as a whole.)

When we looked around at the current offerings in this space, we were struck by the fact that a lot of them just take the offline experience of 360 reviews and put them online, which, while useful to some degree, limits the opportunity to make the most of them. The best conversations are those you have face-to-face, but when giving feedback this can be difficult. We designed the product to facilitate a natural conversation between those giving and receiving feedback in a consistent and constructive way.

We've avoided using scores that reduce people to a number (that's never positive) and used our years of experience and industry research to make sure that we asked the right questions around strength and opportunities. Feedback is future-focused and helps people identify desired behavior.

We've also empowered people to take their learning and development into their own hands, with the ability for anyone to launch a survey and get feedback when they feel they want it.

Last of all, the product is intuitive and beautifully designed.

We'd love to get you more acquainted with Employee Effectiveness, so drop us a note and start focusing on learning and development today. 

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