So your employee engagement survey's over - what now?


This is the first in a series of blogs providing some step-by-steps tips for interpreting your employee engagement survey results. I'll be looking at employee engagement data in Culture Amp, but the concepts can be applied to other platforms and survey types too.

So your survey's now over and your wondering what to look at first?

I'm assuming that you have already invited all of your employees to take the survey, that the results are now in and you have logged into Murmur and can view your dashboard.

The first thing you'll want to check is your final participation (or response) rate. In Murmur you'll see this at the top of the screen in the Participation tab.

dashboard dashboard

First, check your overall participation rate. You can read some more detail on what constitutes a good rate here, but you should be aiming for as many people as you can. Talking generally, somewhere between 70% and 90% is a good outcome for most companies. A perfect score of 100% is not always a good sign - it can suggest an unhealthy focus on response rates.

Off to the right of the headline "79%" figure you can see some more detail - it isn't really important in most cases but it tells you what makes up your response rate in some more detail. You should probably just check how many people were invited to make sure it matches your expectations - that is the top line over on the right. We can see we invited 2,260 people and 1,781 submitted a survey.

If your demographics are all preloaded into Murmur you can click on 'more' and check for any pockets where you have low participation.

demographics demographics

At a first glance we're looking for red numbers here. We can quickly see that in Orem we only have a 56% response rate. Orem only has 9 employees and only 5 responded to our survey - we should keep this in mind where we see any standout scores for Orem because we have a small sample for this city. Otherwise we are looking quite good with the next lowest participation rate being 67% in Seoul. As a rule of thumb, having two thirds of people responding (66%+) represents a reasonable healthy lower boundary for some confidence in the results.

Sometimes people will become a little fixated on this but our advice is to do some quick checks and move on to the results - applying caution for any areas with lower rates (such as Orem). You're now in a position to proceed interpreting your results knowing that you have a good overall response rate.

Coming up Next: Interpreting your Engagement scores

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