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Traditional process documents are a waste of time. Nobody likes writing them and nobody likes reading them as they're hard to find and always seem to be out of date.

I’ve been guilty of writing a few tombstone process documents in my time. I'd take great pride in including awesome color coded Visio swimlane diagrams and providing detailed instructions on each step only to find that not a single person in my team bothered to open it. Apparently it was quicker and more convenient to just ask me because I “knew the process”. This was frustrating as not only did I waste time documenting the process in the first place, but I became the single point of failure because everyone relied on me being around to know how to run it. The irony was that when asked, I would often decide not to open the document I'd so diligently written, and instead would choose work from memory which regularly lead to mistakes.

We've recently tackled this challenge around communicating and sharing processes in Process Amp through the addition of "process folders". Process folders are like a document folder for organising and sharing processes with your team. To share a process, just create a folder, add your process template, and invite others to share the folder.

At Culture Amp we have shared process folders for things like Cadence product development, Process Amp product development, administration, marketing and so on. I also have my own private folder where I keep my daily and weekly routine checklists that just apply to me.

We’ve actually found that whilst many of our processes were initially only ever run by one person, the fastest way to improve them is to share them with the team and get a new perspective on how they could be improved. Not only does this improve the process, but it means other people in the team can run the process should you not be available. We’ve done this with great success for processes such as releasing our software, writing a blog post, and responding to customer support queries.

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