How to Create an Employee Engagement Survey Part 3: Enablement

This is the third in a series of six posts - click here for the others (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
In this series of posts we have been tackling how to put together a brief employee engagement survey and we're aiming for just 15 questions. So far we have an Engagement index as our main measure of outcome and in our last post we put together three questions assessing Leadership - the L in our LEAD model.

Today we're going to look at the E for Enablement factor and just like Engagement and Leadership we're going to try and put together three questions.

Enablement can involve many different things in different companies and industries - for a fire crew it would probably require the appropriate firefighting tools for example. Followed by the knowledge of how to use the equipment and some support procecces to coordinate the team. There are many more finer grained things we could tackle but we're going to have to find three broad questions to alert us to where we might be letting our employee down after we've lead them to the burning house and explained the goals of putting the fire out etc.

First up, do they simply have the things they need to get their job done:

I have access to the things I need to do my job well

The things could be fire hoses, computers, information or systems–we just need to know whether people feel they have access to whatever it is they need.

We then need to ensure people are adequately trained, and although this may overlap with Professional Development this is more about job specific training and enablement. For example:

I have access to the learning and development I need to do my current job effectively

And finally, we may have our team of fully equipped and trained firefighters ready to go but unable to communicate with each other, or not able to coordinate their efforts. At times this relies on systems such as communication systems and other times it may just be the use of established processes. However, as people tend to be harsh in assessing these things we temper our question a little:

Most of the systems and processes here support us getting our work done effectively

And there we have our brief Enablement factor. Certainly not the only questions we could ask but, this should let us know if we are providing the basic support to our employees once we've lead into the fray. Stay tuned for the next post; "A" for Alignment.

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