How to Combat Employee Survey Fatigue? ... Survey more often.

Combat Survey Fatigue Combat Survey Fatigue

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At Culture Amp, our methodology encourages companies to survey more often than once a year. Usually every three months or less –particularly when using pulse surveys in combination with engagement surveys. However, this leads to a common question, 'What about Survey Fatigue?'

Survey fatigue is a real concern. Employees will get tired of taking too many surveys. However, it’s worth digging into why this fatigue occurs. A good survey will take less than 10 minutes. So how is this causing (the dramatically named) fatigue?

The number one cause of Survey Fatigue?

The survey isn’t acted on. Giving feedback isn’t just a time commitment, it’s an intellectual and emotional one. If you give feedback and it’s not seen to be acted upon, it’s not that you’ve wasted 10 minutes - it’s that you’ve been ignored.

There are certainly more, but that point is so important it's worth dwelling on it. The apparent conclusion may not be to survey more often. However, it’s an effective way to combat this issue. By surveying more often you create tighter feedback loops. Survey and then get feedback to your employees as soon as possible. The days of waiting months to process survey results is over.

When you survey more often you’re looking at the trend and the change over time – the delta since the last survey. What’s happened in the last few months? Not only is this easier to process, it's easier to action and it's more timely. The actions taken are more relevant to the organization and the employees.

It's a virtuous circle. The regular cycles create a tight bond in the employees' mind – They've given feedback and they've seen action on the back of it. People are much more willing and energized in their contributions when they know it'll have an impact. Plus, employees know they will have a regular, ongoing influence on the results.

Some tips:

  1. Get results out quickly. Start with top-level results as soon as feasible, then let employees know what will happen next – you don’t need the answers at this stage, just the plan and the intent.
  2. Take a look at your overall program of surveying and data collection. Is there redundancy? Different teams and niches in the organization doing their own thing? Consider consolidating.
  3. Take action. State your intent and then act upon it. You’d be surprised – Employees are often less concerned about the “success” of the action plan.

Co-founder and CEO of Culture Amp Didier Elzinga also shared an article on the topic of lack of action fatigue. 

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