How Choicelunch Uses Employee Surveys to Create a Healthier Future for California's Kids

Choicelunch knows that to deliver on their promise to bring healthier lunches to schools, their company culture must first be healthy and employees need to feel connected not just to the company but, to the calling.

Employee engagement is a clear sign of how a company's culture is measuring up to its ideal self. That's why awareness of the cultural experience for each employee, in their day to day environment, is key to understanding the company's cultural reality–Murmur lets us see this picture, clearly.

Justin Gagnon, CEO at Choicelunch

To understand a company’s culture, you need to understand the sum of its parts. With a widely distributed team, including operations across four different sites and 30 trucks delivering food to more than 250 schools up and down California everyday, it was hard to really know how employees were doing. Performance was fine, but each location had a different “vibe” and Choicelunch wanted to better understand the drivers behind the “micro-cultures” they found at each location.

“We saw significantly lower response rates and engagement in one of our locations which we didn't expect. Their performance was not poor, so we didn't realize how challenging that environment was” says Justin Gagnon, CEO "Murmur gave us the opportunity to identify a problem and resolve it quickly. We would never have known otherwise."

Murmur let’s Choicelunch quickly uncover areas for improvement and see improvement overtime. Murmur gave Choicelunch the framework needed to improve the consistency of how employees at all levels and locations experienced and delivered on the core values of the brand.

“For us, the fact that the survey was simple and customizable made it easy for employees to relate. This was an important factor for how seriously they took the survey” Gagnon said. Choicelunch was able to get all the feedback they needed, in real-time and make immediate changes that had big impacts.

“We wanted something we could use on an ongoing basis that could benchmark engagement and give us ongoing results. We didn't just want a one-time thing. With Murmur we have ownership over the data and can slice and dice it however we need to.”

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