How Box Maintains Employee Engagement and Success Through Rapid Growth

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High performance is good, but sustaining it is great. Box knows the key to maintaining success through rapid growth is sustainability.

In Silicon Valley, doubling your headcount year over year is not unusual. Startups struggle with striking the balance of remaining a “startup” and becoming a grownup.

These companies need to implement processes so they can remain efficient and competitive but, what amount of process is okay? How much flexibility can remain? How will the company’s goals, vision and values be effectively communicated so they become the employee’s goals, vision and values?

For Box, employee surveys meant “Welcome to Corporate America.” Before Murmur, it was believed that surveys were of the “old-school” and wouldn’t send the right message to staff in terms of the type of company Box was to be. But, you can’t make change happen (for the best at least) if you don’t know what’s wrong.

So, Box used Murmur to get ahead of the curve and make sure they could adapt regularly.

The comprehensiveness of the platform and depth of analytics enable us to be ahead of the curve on things like sustainable high performance.

Evan Wittenberg, SVP of People at Box

“We’d been using things like attrition as an indicator of company health, but that was misleading, and put us in a reactive position” Wittenberg says, just because there isn’t a lot of attrition, doesn’t mean the company is healthy. “It’s a trailing indicator” he continued, “We wanted to be ahead of any problems, not behind them.”

In today’s fast-paced working environments, it's typical for companies to sustain growth by replacing employees that are burnt out rather than figure out how to keep them from getting burnt out. For Box, sustaining high-performance is what matters most. Wittenberg says, at Box “We want to sustain high performance over a long period of time, if people in the organization are less and less energetic overtime, that’s a sign of a problem.”

In order to do this, they needed a platform that enabled them to collect data about their people, managers and culture on a regular basis and as well as see how that data looks overtime, where they can make improvements, in real-time.

People Intelligence platform for maintaining high performance and startup adaptability at scale.

Wittenberg says “Murmur is intuitive and the survey design made it easy and enjoyable for employees to participate–we got great feedback on that.” Not only were survey results delivered as they were completed, Box also required a heat-map of the entire organization to have a better understand of how the results were distributed in different areas of the company. This made it easy for them to plan how best to address questions of engagement and culture.

To narrow on high-performance, questions like “I have the energy needed to perform the hard tasks” (where Box scored very high) were followed by questions like “I wake up feeling rested and prepared for the day” the results to these questions raised interesting questions for Box around how to keep their staff healthy as well as informed about how their physical health may affect their performance.

“Those are the kind of things that allow us to do more forward-looking management. That’s something we can track overtime, we don’t want to lose our velocity as an organization” Wittenberg says, and Murmur is the platform that keeps Box pro-active and informed about fluctuations in performance, engagement and company health.

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