Improving Company Culture Through Culture Amp

You’ve probably heard this one before: a successful and profitable company was having a hard time scaling their culture. They’d grown to over 100 employees, and that’s when their “people problems” started to emerge: people became less enchanted and less committed, churn increased, teams struggled to communicate with managers, and hiring decisions didn’t reflect the company's mission and values. Throughout the various stages of your company’s development, you’ve probably recognized many of of the same scenarios, or at least worried if this would happen and how to address it. That’s where people analytics and our Culture Amp platform comes in.

Culture Amp helps teams understand all aspects of their culture and how to improve their workplace by acting on the analysis of employee feedback. In the case mentioned above, one particular company decided to improve their culture using Culture Amp metrics, providing insight into what their people needed in order to be more engaged.

Improving Company Culture Starts with Understanding Your People

There’s an incredible amount of competition for talent amongst startups, which means a constant cycle of having to train and educate new employees about the company culture. Scaling a culture is difficult, especially if you aren’t prepared for the shift. Just search online for “startup culture,” and you’ll see a slew of articles about how to prepare your culture for the growing pains that come with rapid expansion. The fact that these problems are common, especially in the fast-paced tech industry, is actually a good sign because we know where the problem lies. It’s just a matter of gathering the right data to hack your culture and make it better.

Where did this company start?  By surveyingabout elements of engagement, like whether their people felt like true members of the team. To measure employee engagement, or how committed people are to their work, job, and colleagues, everyone was invited to participate in the Murmur employee engagement survey. People could submit their answers in under 10 minutes, confidentially sharing how they felt about their role in the company. Murmur reporting is in real time, so those distributing the survey could keep an eye on the progress and completion rates. The info graphic style reporting highlights the company’s highs and lows, allowing for a quick overview of the company’s engagement focus areas using driver analysis

Once you survey your employees, how do you make sense of your people data and make decisions about the next steps toward affecting positive change? After establishing a baseline of the company’s employee engagement levels, some groups demonstrated a need for initiatives to improve channels of communication, recognition, and opportunities to develop professionally. After implementing their homegrown strategy based on the findings, these teams took another more customized survey to gauge improvements. In the meantime, the People Ops team worked with Culture Amp to launch another survey, this one specifically measuring manager effectiveness.

With all this rich data giving way to customized analysis, the company decided to add a few more datasets to the mix: the candidate, onboard and exit experience surveys. This closed the gap of any misunderstandings about company culture and how effective people were at managing the company brand and their ability to communicate throughout the entire employee journey. Opportunities to succeed, confidence in leadership, and the ability to contribute have a huge impact on employee engagement; so getting the full picture was the key to measuring the current state of the company's culture. With this data, Culture Amp provides actionable analytic for setting new goals and benchmarks to improve the culture.

How do companies take action on employee survey data? 

The data gathered from this first baseline survey helped the company quickly align their culture development and vision with what people were experiencing. Hiring decisions, communication, and even the organizational chart was modified based on findings from Culture Amp. The result? A happier, more engaged employee base, and management felt like it was in better tune with the needs of its team. Whether you're a scale-up with an exponentially increasing headcount, or even an established corporation, it's always a challenge to communicate consistently and keep your people engaged in the company's mission and values. Understanding and conveying the people data behind the different aspects of a rapidly developing company ensures a greater level of participation from everyone, guaranteeing a happier team with a renewed sense of purpose.

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