Google Analytics for Your Culture

I happened on the KISSmetrics site today. The new landing page is clean, low friction and very clever. KISSmetrics know what they're doing. However, more than just the design, what struck me was their tag line.


What stood out for me in particular was the language. We often say a similar thing here at Culture Amp, with the simplest version being "We're Google Analytics for Your Culture". Lofty aims perhaps, but what we really want to be to our customers is - Google Analytics and KISSmetrics for your culture. Not only are we about measuring and insight, but also how you turn that into action (and results!).

This is something that has struck the team and myself for a while and we often use this analogy when explaining Culture Amp to customers. It depends on the industry, but most people would never omit tracking their Web Analytics, P&L, Sales Pipeline, and Carbon Footprint etc. But many organizations don't regularly measure what makes the engine of their organization actually work.

Your employees are what make the business happen, but often organizations often don't really have an idea of what they're thinking. Even when they do, they don't have any tools to quantify or expose it. Turnover might be on the executive dashboard, but what about engagement or collaboration processes (or the factors that are driving these)? Our customers use Culture Amp to capture such People Intelligence, but there are plenty of "Lo-Fi" ways too ("Just asking" is an often overlooked approach!).

Next time you're tracking a chart in your business (Hopefully headed north!) - Spare a thought about what's driving that line.

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