Exit Survey Dashboard

In our previous blog post Jason discussed the latest addition to Murmur - the ability to run, instrument and report on exit surveys.
As Jason mentions, a lot of organisations are already running exit surveys, but they lack the facilities to make the most out of this data. Murmur includes a range of process improvements for exit surveys and interviews - effectively aligning them as complementary workflows and data sources. However, just as with Engagement surveys, the other key difference with Murmur is the reporting dashboard.

The Exit Dashboard has been constructed with three "lenses" - each providing a different view for future action and planning:

Short Term Planning
This is all about keeping your business operating - it includes turnover, as well as the key metrics around exits. It also contains some of the highlighted summary figures from later sections.

The idea here is to get an initial view on how everything is going. If you had a sudden increase in the number of exits (scheduled or otherwise) in a particular department - you'll see it immediately here.

Medium Term Planning
Often considered the primary function of exit interviews, this lens is all about retaining talent. It shows the type of employees existing, where they're going and why. You can also drill in to make sure you're looking at exactly the right demographics.

The most significant items are highlighted, clicking into the detail tab gives you the whole picture.

Long Term Planning
This lens focuses on what can be learnt from exiting employees. In our engagement dashboard we specifically chart progress but with exit surveys it is about determining the critical engagement level that may propel an employee to leave. In this lens we are also taking advantage of open feedback.

Additionally, if you want to get a deeper understanding of a particular issue the system will support you; you can filter on 'regrettable' leavers only and then look at "reasons for leaving" for a particular department, or tenure. These answers will give additional context & insight. Like the medium term lens, this view only shows the most significant results. Clicking through will give view of all questions, with a detailed breakdown of the segmentation.


That's a quick overview for now. You can see all of this working together in the exit screencast. In later blog posts we'll dig into these sections and the unique insights they provide.

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