You don't have to be a startup to have startup culture

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We had the pleasure of joining forces with the Mayor's Office and David Chang for an outstanding event at Boston Idea Week. Local entrepreneurs told their stories of scaling their culture and shared their adventures and wisdom. Here is the video covering the highlights of the event!


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David Chang: My name is David Chang. I am the Chief Operating Officer of the PayPal Media Network. I also am the founder of Start Tank, an innovation space that's based right here in Boston that uses the PayPal space. I came up here about 15 years ago and never left.

I think there are three big things that have changed in the past couple of years that have made the Boston ecosystem so much stronger. One, the number of people that are engaged in startups, whether you're a veteran startup person or you're coming straight from a university. Two, the amount of capital. The amount of capital that going into early stage startups is higher than ever. Then finally, the overall ecosystem. Whether it's an organization like Start Tank or other accelerators, universities, there's so much more support for the early stage community that all of those three things coming together has made Boston a fantastic place in the last couple of years.

Daniel Koh (Chief of Staff, City of Boston): We have such amazing panelists today who I think really represent all that Boston has to offer. We have Matt Lauzon and Matt Brand from Dunwello. We have Michelle Darby from Roomzilla, Dan Adams from Co Everywhere

Corey McAveeney: I'm Corey McAveeney, your moderator for the talk this evening. You don't have to be a startup to be part of a startup culture. I really think that you can count yourself among us if you are on a certain type of team, a type of team that is high energy and high impact.

Matt Lauzon: Cultures are defined by the way that you behave every day. They're not defined necessarily by a space or what's written on a wall.

Michelle Darby: We're in CIC which is Kendall Square and they have a co-working space for companies under four or five people and they have other offerings that can grow with you as your company grows. I do have friends that have companies that have their own offices, but I think you can get the same thing in a co-working space and still have the accessibility other startups that might be solving the same challenges that you're solving.

Allan Telio: The job of a manager is to help you grow and reach your potential.

Jeff Avallon: Don't be afraid to get out there. I think the most important thing is just to create action, believe in yourself, know that you're going to take some missteps. Startups are built out of a series of failures, these are actually learnings that you end up building a business on. Just get out there and start making waves, start moving forward, create some momentum, and making more progress than you ever would've sitting there on your computer writing another revision of the business plan.

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