Donated Vacation Days at Google

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Google is well known for its many workplace perks, but even the search giant is finding new ways to improve on its culture.

When it comes to vacation, employees at Google can earn up 25 days off, depending how many years they've worked there, but now there is another opportunity to get a few more, if needed.

A recent article by Business Insider shares how Google is now letting employees donate vacation days to fellow employees.

The initiative started when an employee needed time off to take are of an ill family member. When the employee ran out of time off,  a team mate proposed the idea of offering their own vacation days to the employee in need.

"So, after that, we created a policy where, if there's another Googler in need, you can actually take your vacation and give it to them," says Laszlo Bock, Google's head of HR. "What's cool about that is it came not from people in the operations department, but from one of your families saying 'This is important.' And so we built it into the system, so that everyone can benefit from that idea, not just one person."

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