#CultureFirst: Ramon Elzinga

The #CultureFirst series is a chance to showcase the team here at Culture Amp. We asked everyone a few questions which will give you an opportunity to get to know each of us a bit better.

Ramon Elzinga - VP of Sales - Adelaide, Australia

Ramon has always been fascinated with numbers and also what makes a business work. He started life looking at financial numbers working within banking and professional services and now he looks at the metrics behind people.

Culture Amp: What can you do as a CAmper that you haven’t been able to do elsewhere?
Ramon Elzinga:
Work remotely and still succeed :)

CA: Best day you’ve ever had at work (here or anywhere else)
I've had many. Our first capital raise at Culture Amp was a nice validation of an idea and some commitment.

CA: What do you geek out about outside from work? 
Knives. I own more knives than an amateur cook should.

CA: What did you want to be when you grew up?
Perhaps I was a slow developer but I was never really set on anything in particular. I have always enjoyed what was in front of me so I spent my youth playing in the backyard without any particular professional yearning.

CA: What is something about you not many people know?
I was on Masterchef Australia (only one round with cameras).

CA: What’s on your playlist this week?
John Mayer, Miles Davis and Emancipator.

CA: Where would you go on an all expense paid trip tomorrow?
Japan. My parents met there, so I figure I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Japan. I also love the Japanese attention to detail and mastery.

CA: What does culture first mean to you?
Choosing culture over other things (like profit, holidays, etc).

CA: Do you have any startup / culture idols?
I work with some of them. I always like reading Seth Godin's marketing advice.

CA: What was the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
Enjoy the journey, rather than the destination.

CA: If you could have one super power, what would it be?
To be able to chop really fast (ridiculously fast).

CA: You pick a magazine up to read – what is it?

CA: What’s up next in your Netflix queue?
The next installment of Chef's Table. Due to arrive on 26th April. Be there.

CA: If you could be a lead character in a movie, who would it be?
Tony Bourdain in the yet to be written "Tony Bourdain - My life"

CA: What was the first and last concert you attended?
I'm not a live music person. The last concert I attended was my sister-in-law and the DJ (with Bongos) performing at my wedding. Awesome stuff :)

CA: If you won the lottery what would you do first?
I did win 50k on a horse race. I paid off my wedding :) If I won the lottery I'd keep it quiet.

CA: Would you take a one way trip to Mars and why/not?
No. I already complain about winter. Way too cold.

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