#CultureFirst: Julianna Kapjian-Pitt

The #CultureFirst series is a chance to showcase the team here at Culture Amp. We asked everyone seven questions which will give you an opportunity to get to know each of us a bit better.

Julianna Kapjian-Pitt

With a background in sales and product support, Julianna is passionate about teaching customers how to be successful with the powerful tools technology can provide. As a former collegiate rower, she releases her competitive energy by going running with her dog.

Culture Amp: What can you do as a Camper (Culture Amp employee) that you haven’t been able to do elsewhere?

Julianna Kapjian-Pitt: Working at Culture Amp means I get the opportunity to work with exciting, innovative companies that want to improve employee engagement, company culture, and the employee experience. As a CAmper, I'm able to help them on their way to better understanding their company and actioning changes within their organization.

CA: Best day you’ve ever had at work?

JKP: Every day here is different and we face new customer puzzles each day. It's always great to be able to answer questions for customers and figure out something that was previously a stumbling block. One of the better days I had occurred when I went into a call with a customer expecting frustration because they'd had a few bumps in their survey process. Instead, we were able to fix the original problem quickly and collaboratively and move on to focusing on the actual survey results.

CA: How have you turned a setback into an opportunity?

JKP: Sometimes, we have to deliver difficult scores to customers. When HR leaders are able to look past the negative scores and understand that this is important feedback to help them better understand their employees, it feels like we've created a positive opportunity for change out of what seemed like a negative experience.

CA: What are you madly passionate about away from work?

JKP: Brunch.

CA: What was the best feedback (in your career) you’ve ever received and why?

JKP: As someone who works directly with clients in a support and coaching role, the best feedback I've ever received in my career is to keep a positive attitude and continue smiling.

CA:What’s on your playlist this week?

JKP: The Weeknd's new album "Beauty Behind the Madness"

CA:What does workplace culture mean to you?

JKP: Workplace culture means finding a place where you feel comfortable being yourself and can contribute to the greater goal of the company.

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