#CultureFirst: Imogen Coles

The #CultureFirst series is a chance to showcase the team here at Culture Amp. We asked everyone a few questions which will give you an opportunity to get to know each of us a bit better.

Imogen Coles - Community Builder - Melbourne

Having spent several years building communities in the startup world, Imogen now turns her attention to growing and developing the People Geek community. When she's not hosting our monthly People Geekups she's got her head in the books, focusing on Bachelor of Psychological Studies.

Culture Amp: What can you do as a CAmper that you haven’t been able to do elsewhere?
Imogen Coles: 
Truly collaborate with the most incredible group of talented individuals with diverse skill sets.

CA: Best day you’ve ever had at work (here or anywhere else)?
I previously worked for a co-working space in Melbourne CBD. We decided we wanted to create a pop up co-working space in a uniquely Melbourne location. I got to shut down a whole lane way for the day and create an incredible space with fake grass, brightly colored bean bags, and much more. 

CA: What do you geek out about outside from work?
Psychology - I'm currently earning a Bachelor of Psychological degree.

CA: What did you want to be when you grew up?
A vet then an actor.

CA: What is something about you not many people know?
I used to be an actor and this is what my first degree is in.

CA: What’s on your playlist this week?
Nina Simone.

CA: Where would you go on an all expense paid trip tomorrow?

CA: What does culture first mean to you?
A culture that walks the walk - and lets you bring your whole self to your work.

CA: Do you have any startup / culture idols?
Brené Brown.

CA: What was the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
Know when to cut your losses.

CA: If you could have one super power, what would it be?
Many arms - like an octopus, so I could get more done at once.

CA: You pick a magazine up to read – what is it?
Mind Food

CA: What’s up next in your Netflix queue?
Lie to Me - and just any type of crime or murder mystery drama.

CA: If you could be a lead character in a movie, who would it be?
Will Smith's Character in The Pursuit of Happyness - because he works hard but innovates the system to get results.

CA: What was the first and last concert you attended?
First: Robbie Williams live in concert Last: A Jazz Trio.

CA: If you won the lottery what would you do first?
Donate 20% of it to the Auckland Hospice and use the rest to buy a house.

CA: Would you take a one way trip to Mars and why/not?
No. I don't think Charlie, my cat, would be very fond of life on Mars - she hates the cold.

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