#CultureFirst: Daniel Bertram


The #CultureFirst series is a chance to showcase the team here at Culture Amp. We asked everyone seven questions which will give you an opportunity to get to know each of us a bit better.

Daniel "Bertie" Bertram - Information Security Manager

Having worked for the Federal government, Symantec, a stealth startup and as a security consultant, Daniel is known for his knack for finding out how things break. He does it for us so that you don't. All while rocking out to a bit of Blind Guardian.

Culture Amp: What can you do as a CAmper (Culture Amp team member) that you haven’t been able to do elsewhere?

Daniel Bertram: I get to share my knowledge. Help people be less bad, rather than just finding the bad. When I was a consultant – I rarely got to work with people. I had to just tell them what was wrong without getting to work together – now I get to educate people and help long-term. I’m actively involved with all employees to help them be better at working securely. I hope that what I do is helping. It’s really just about the personal connection and trust I build with people.

CA: Best day you’ve ever had at work?

DB: Last week actually. I got to help organize our office family BBQ. I got to do something outside of my day-to-day that directly impacted people’s happiness. I know it sounds simple but my role in security is often not linked to happiness. It was really nice to get the chance to contribute and work with someone outside of my team. Refreshing. I wish I could capture that feeling more often. Contribute to others' happiness. I like everyone.

CA: What are you madly passionate about away from work?

DB: Locks. Weirdly the thing I do at work, I’m also passionate about outside. So I guess that’s a good match. I run a meet-up on security for developers, where I try to share security knowledge with people who need it most. And video games, I’m a computer geek in general.

CA: You walk up to a magazine stand and grab one – what is it? 

DB: Photography – I’m good with the technical aspect but not so much the creative. I like capturing expressions and moments that you’d miss otherwise.

CA: What was the best feedback (in your career) you’ve ever received and why?

DB: Well the worst feedback was during a performance review – my manager had no real development feedback for me so just said, “Just be you, but the better you," so for the next two weeks I showed up to work in suits.

CA: What’s on your playlist this week?

DB: I was just listening to At The Gates – "Slaughter of the Soul." (Cheerful!) 'The Gates are playing next week at the Corner – metal of course. Swedish death metal is awesome.

CA: What does workplace culture mean to you?

DB: The accepted attitude people have in the workplace. What is the accepted normal way to behave. A good culture should inspire you and make you feel like you trust and respect the people you work with. Assumed understanding of what is OK. Culture is so important to me in my role. The thing that most impacts security is the culture around it. If there is not a culture where security is thought about and respected then it loses significance – and is easily bypassed – this is where things can go terribly wrong. That’s how you are effective, to have people feel like it (security) is something that’s important.

CA: Do you have any startup cultures you admire?

DB: I like some of Etsy’s security culture…(laughs). They’ve put a lot of effort into making their security team approachable, and building a positive security culture. It wouldn’t quite work for us, but there’s a lot of good things we can learn from.

CA: If you could go anywhere in the world – all expenses paid - tomorrow, where would you go?

DB: Europe and heaps of metal shows – maybe Sweden. Or Finland – they have a lot of good bands.

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