#CultureFirst: Chris Woodcock

The #CultureFirst series is a chance to showcase the team here at Culture Amp. We asked everyone a few questions which will give you an opportunity to get to know each of us a bit better.

Chris Woodcock – Customer Success – New York City

Chris received his Masters in Organizational Psychology and has experience working in government, education, fashion and finance. When he is not thinking about surveys and change management, he is most likely daydreaming about skiing.

Culture Amp: What can you do as a CAmper that you haven’t been able to do elsewhere?
Chris Woodcock:
At Culture Amp, we really take our values of ‘learning faster through feedback,’ and ‘having the courage to be vulnerable’ very seriously. I feel that I really can express myself more openly than anywhere else I have worked.

CA: Best day you’ve ever had at work (here or anywhere else)?
Before I started graduate school, I worked at a ski resort in Montana. One day, they asked me to work security at a Bluegrass Concert. I love bluegrass music, and I was able to see the Del McCoury Band right against the stage. The crowd was respectful and I was just able to enjoy the music. Seemed crazy that I was being paid to do that.

CA: What do you geek out about outside from work?
I think about upgrading my sound system all the time. I prefer a simple two channel system, I haven’t bought into the newer surround or one speaker systems. I just got a decent record player and am really excited about upgrading each piece.

CA: What did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be an astronaut. That dream changed after I watched “Apollo 13.”

CA: What is something about you not many people know?
: In middle school, I used to dance (alone) at the basketball halftime, right after the cheerleaders finished. It is a good thing cellphones did not have video at the time, or there would be some embarrassing evidence left behind.

CA: What’s on your playlist this week?
I’ve been trying to run more and I love running to Paul Simon. I just recently have rediscovered “Rhythm of the Saints.”

CA: Where would you go on an all expense paid trip tomorrow?
Japan! Even though I spent a year there, I can’t get enough of it. Kyoto is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

CA: What does culture first mean to you?
Being a culture first company is a difficult process that involves every employee. It requires reflecting on your decisions to gauge what kind of impact it can have on the company culture. Although leadership has the ability to set the tone and put in place policies and procedures that shape company culture, it is the execution by employees that creates norms and engrains a strong culture. Leadership can initiate culture change, but it will fail without buy-in from the company as a whole.

CA: If you could have one super power, what would it be?
I would like to fly. I’d save a boatload on airfare.

CA: You pick a magazine up to read – what is it?
Got one right here: Talent Quarterly. #peoplegeek

CA: What was the first and last concert you attended?
First concert was The Almond Brothers. Last one, Run the Jewels. Both were amazing.

CA:  Would you take a one way trip to Mars and why/not?
No way. I’m sure the food would be terrible.


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