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Culture-first meets Series A, or Yay! We got funding

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Didier Elzinga

Founder & CEO, Culture Amp

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Almost two years ago we launched Culture Amp with no fanfare and a belief that we could make the world a better place to work. Since then, we have surveyed over 60,000 employees, across a who’s who of innovative culture-focused companies, and have quantifiably (thanks to Jason, our data expert) made people more engaged with their work. Today, we are excited to announce that we have raised USD$6.3 million in Series A funding, to help us grow and help #peoplegeeks use data to make better decisions about people and culture.

Most importantly we will remain a culture-first company ourselves. Oh, we should mention we’re hiring! both at where it all began in Melbourne (go Aussie startups!) and at our growing San Francisco office.

We’ve learned from our own experience about the challenges of creating a culture-focused company, and as we grow we expect that to be put under more pressure. Yes, we’ve felt those growing pains, the need to engage our remote teams (shoutout to Karina, Corey, Ramon and Bronwen), the chaotic nights from our dev team (shoutout to Tim, Sushma, Jo and Daniel) with little end in sight, the last-minute design pressure on our small team (shoutout to Dave), but we’ve used these successes (and failures) to tweak, adapt, and focus what we’re about today – to learn about how to be a better culture.

And a big thank you to our Series A investors, Felicis Ventures, Index Ventures and Blackbird Ventures who are our partners in taking this to the next level.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, truth be told, we’re the least important thing about Culture Amp. The most incredible thing we’ve built, are the things we haven’t - the cultures others have created to make the world a better place to work, every day.

We hear about them through our customer success team (go Karina, Steven, and James), in those emails people just feel like sending us (don’t stop!), at industry events and those tweets which tell us about the awesome things that are happening in your company.

There’s Airbnb, who's Global head of employee experience Mark Levy, had this feedback for us:

I am proud of how Culture Amp has been part of my career at Airbnb - from the challenge assignment during my interview process, to the benchmark when I arrived, to the satisfaction of substantially growing engagement in my first year.

There’s Warby Parker's co-founder and co-CEO Neil Blumenthal who said this:

We use Culture Amp to find ways to improve, to benchmark ourselves against best-in-class companies, and to deliver on our commitment of being data-driven in every area of the business—including the people side.

Culture Amp gives us with the tools we need to gather high-quality feedback from employees, ensuring that we continue to learn, grow and challenge ourselves.

There’s Moo's Paul Jones, who's the People Director, who had these great things to say:

Culture Amp is really intuitive which means we can pick up and use its existing survey templates or create employee surveys easily, and gain truly valuable insights through the reporting function.

Using this technology has enabled us to garner feedback from the people who operate in and are the heart of MOO, enabling us to build on what’s working, and course correct where needed.

There are so many more.

We’d love your story and to be part of making your world a better place to work.

Thanks from Didier, Jon, Doug, Rod and the People Geeks at Culture Amp

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