Culture Amp and Allied Talent Partner to Deliver 'The Alliance' Diagnostic

Two industry leaders partner to deliver The New York Times bestseller The Alliance as an actionable diagnostic

SAN FRANCISCO, April 12, 2016 — Culture Amp, the leading real-time analytics platform for people and culture, and Allied Talent, the official providers of the The Alliance Framework, have announced a strategic partnership so that organizations can have objective data on their people and culture in order to implement the principles of New York Times bestseller The Alliance, co-authored by Reid Hoffman, Ben Casnocha, and Chris Yeh.

The Alliance outlines a new employer-employee relationship that lets the company and employee work together toward common goals, even when some of their interests differ. The paradox is that recognizing an employee’s independence is what allows a company to rebuild the loyalty and trust that’s been missing from today’s employment relationship.

Allied Talent's Director of Organizational Development, Dr. Marla Gottschalk, and Culture Amp's Chief Scientist, Dr. Jason McPherson, have drawn on both companies’ extensive research and experience to create the Alliance Diagnostic™, which will be featured in the suite of best-practice diagnostic surveys available on Culture Amp's platform. 

"People analytics from companies like Culture Amp are going to change the way we manage," said Reid Hoffman, co-author of The Alliance, co-founder of LinkedIn, and partner at Greylock. "The Alliance Diagnostic will provide concrete, quantitative data to help companies improve their culture and develop stronger relationships between managers and employees."

Culture Amp's co-founder and CEO Didier Elzinga said Culture Amp was excited to partner with Allied Talent to transform the New York Times bestseller, The Alliance, into an actionable diagnostic.

“We believe the outcome for organizations everywhere will be to use this to develop more valuable relationships with their staff," Elzinga said.

Allied Talent will also be a solutions provider for Culture Amp clients seeking to implement concepts from The Alliance in their organization. Allied Talent works with managers to help them to have honest career conversations with their employees, which strengthens relationships, increases engagement and retention, and encourages entrepreneurial behavior that helps organizations innovate and adapt.

Chip Joyce, the Co-founder and CEO of Allied Talent, said “By working together, we can help our clients' people managers better engage their team members, which will improve key employee retention and overall employee engagement.”

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Allied Talent is the official provider consulting and training on The Alliance and The Start-up of You frameworks. Together, they form the foundation of management and career development best practices in the 21st century. Allied Talent works with organizations that want to learn to better recruit, manage, and retain entrepreneurial employees—those team members who make your company adaptive and innovative. Based on the ideas of co-authors Reid Hoffman, Ben Casnocha, and Chris Yeh, The Alliance Framework lays out a new model for the employer-employee relationship that emphasizes trust, honesty, and career development. For more information, visit or follow on Twitter at @alliedtalent.

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