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Retail & hospitality employee engagement benchmark 2016

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Lou Pardi

Strategy Director, Agency Marou

Retail and hospitality employee engagement

Culture Amp's Retail & Hospitality Benchmark Report 2016 highlights what's driving employee engagement and retention. The report compares insights from Retail & Hospitality companies with insights from companies in other industries to reveal differences in employee engagement.

The pros:

Proud of their company

84% of Retail & Hospitality employees indicated they believed their company’s products are as good or better than competitors’ products, a score 15% higher than in other industries.

Underperformance is managed

51% of Retail & Hospitality employees said that action was taken when someone was underperforming. Only 38% of people in other industries indicated that action was taken to manage underperformance.


64% of Retail & Hospitality employees indicated that people at their company collaborate well to get the job done, as compared to only 58% in other industries.

The cons:

Dissatisfied with pay

Retail & Hospitality employees were 8% less likely than people in other industries to perceive their total compensation as fair, compared with roles similar to theirs at other companies.

Unreasonable workloads

Only 62% of Retail & Hospitality employees perceived their workload as being reasonable for their role (a gap of -12% when compared to other industries).

Hard to take leave

30% of people indicated that they found it difficult to have time off when they needed or wanted to (a gap of +12% when compared to other industries).

The report also explores upcoming trends in employee engagement, factors impacting engagement and retention and insights from text feedback.


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