90-Day New Hire Feedback Loop

In California, most people are employe on what is called an “at-will” contract. At any time, the employer or the employee can decide it’s not working out and that would be the end of that. Generally there is a 90-day “probation” period. During probation, you’re hired, but if for any reason within the next 90 days it doesn't work out, well, thanks for your time – and that’s it.

Often this 90-day probation period comes and goes without a word. Usually this is because people are busy, or simply there's just no process in place. However, that 90-day marker really is a perfect time to give and gather feedback from your new employees.

For those in Human Resources or People Operations, 90-days is a great time to reflect and get feedback from new employees about on-boarding practices, the recruiting process and any enablement programs. The employee is still new enough to have timely feedback, but they are also integrated enough to know if the practices were effective in getting them up to speed and if they have everything they need to be successful.

Ask questions that get to:

  • Are they happy? 
  • Is the company everything they expected it to be?
  • What was done well, what could be done differently?
  • Would they recommend the organization to their peers?

For Managers (of new hires), 90 days is equal to a sales quarter - this can be a good time to significantly reflect on the achievements that have been made. Some might think, “achievements, after 90 days?!” but, if you're in the tech space, or any that’s effected by technology, you’re probably growing rapidly and moving a million miles a minute. What you could have done in 90 days 10 years ago looks very different from what you can do in 90 days today. Many goals and objectives are wrapped into 3-month segments - like development sprints - because that’s simply how the nature of business is evolving.

For New Hires, around three months is pretty much when they “go native” – meaning they actually become fully integrated with the organization and feel they are part of the team. It’s just about that time that the evolution from “new hire so-and-so” becomes just “so-and-so”. This is a good time to get their feedback because they have been there long enough to know how things really work, but they are still new enough to have fresh ideas and actionable feedback.

For new hires that are managers, it can be a very effective time to get feedback from the team they are managing. They are new enough to still be open and flexible, but they are also integrated enough that they can appreciate the feedback. It’s the perfect time to nip any potential manger effectiveness issues in the bud as well as an opportunity to foster strengths.

These can be manager effectiveness questions around:

  • Manager ethics
  • How they manage people
  • Manager feedback

Our Employee Effectiveness surveys, provide 180 degree feedback for managers and leaders as well as 360 degree feedback for individuals. 

Collecting data over time will really help to improve that 90-day feedback loop with new hires. In addition, it creates awareness around professional development opportunities early. This helps set a precedent between your organization and your employees on regular, incremental improvement.

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