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2017 Employee Engagement benchmarks now available

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Filip Reese

Product Manager

The feedback provided by employees in employee engagement surveys enables People Operations teams to make more informed decisions about company culture and strategy. Comparing employee engagement survey results over time allows you to see changes in employee sentiment and measure your progress.

External industry benchmarks provide an extra level of context for engagement survey results. They provide a point of comparison for industry peers and competitors, give context about the wider a environment a business is operating in, and serve as a starting point for setting targets.

We’re excited to let you know that Culture Amp’s 2017 in-platform benchmarks for employee engagement are now available with the latest data from our 1,000+ customers. These benchmarks include industry segmented data from New Tech, Retail, Healthcare and geographically segmented data from Australia/New Zealand and the UK. More in-platform benchmarks will follow soon and our popular benchmark reports that take a deep dive into the underlying data will be available in late June.

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Unlike many other benchmarks on the market, Culture Amp’s unique benchmarks include only the most relevant, reliable, valid and current data.  

  • We use real company data with an average response rate well over 80%
  • Our benchmarks reflect some of the best performing culture-first companies in the world
  • Our benchmarks integrate into the Culture Amp platform making comparisons simple
  • We use data from the last 12 months
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If you’re a Culture Amp customer who’d like to get access to the latest Culture Amp benchmarks for your employee surveys, reach out to support@cultureamp.com. You can also connect with us to learn how we make it easy for culture-focused companies to collect, understand and act on employee feedback.

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