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I was reading some comments on an employee satisfaction blog the other day and I came across an interesting observation from Jeff:

We rolled out the Q12 in May. Based on the responses, we created action plans for each project company-wide to address the three lowest scoring statements, and to shore up the highest. We follow up on the action plans weekly. We have seen marked decrease in employee turnover, specifically in our under 30 day numbers, which cost us the most, and a significant increase in our KPIs. We also did an ENPS survey at the same time and those scores correlate positively (in a good way) to Q12. I don't know if this tells us anything yet, but since NPS is a standard metric in our industry we decided to roll it out as well. Is a positive correlation of Q12 and ENPS expected or have you any research related to such things. It seems to me that such a correlation would indeed be expected. We seem to be making very good strides anyway, regardless of the theory of all this, but any input would be appreciated.

(Posted by Jeff: retrieved at http://blog.vovici.com/blog/bid/18535/Employee-Engagement-Survey-The-Gallup-Q12)

Now, I'm not going to make any comments on the Q12 or the concept of Employee Net Promoter Scores (ENPS). The crucial observation Jeff makes is that these measures are all in fact very highly and positively correlated; and anyone who has analysed employee datasets will tell you that this is true for many of the questions in employee surveys. In fact, this leads to a range of statistical issues that people have been arguing about for quite some time (more on that in the next post).

In some sense it doesn't really matter that much which metric you are tracking. The key that Jeff's organisation found was action planning and tracking progress regularly. Don't pay too much for your metrics - especially when the people that validated the metrics are selling you the validation.

We've been building Murmur with all this in mind - and we are using it to trial a variety of metrics - so if you're keen on an open source approach to organisational change give Murmur a try.

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